Prague. An intimate city which inhabits the dreams of romantics, inspires historians and plagues tourists with other tourists. Praha is one of the few large cities in Europe not completely ravaged by bombings (until an Allied accident in 1945, dropping hundreds of bombs on Prague by mistake, destroying many buildings and historic sites), and as a result, is one of the more ancient “feeling” cities in Europe, complete with castles, famous bridges, and gothic churches planted throughout the city in confused little rows like a child's vegetable garden.

Prague is a stunningly beautiful city, filled with magnificent buildings and impressive views of the city from the top of the hilly site of Prague Castle, an historic area that has been the home of kings, emperors and presidents throughout its nearly 1200 year history. The castle has the distinction of being the largest ancient castle in the world and is located near the Vlatava River, running through central Prague, and can be accessed by crossing the historic Charles Bridge from the “Old Town” area of the city.

Though once again marred by stunningly hot weather, our visit to Prague remains one of our best experiences in travel, with brilliant sights, vibrant culture, and a unique culture second to no place on earth.

To Wandering!

The famous “Dancing House” by Vlado Milunić

One of the many ancient churches dotting the landscape.

The view over the river, towards Prague Castle.

A typical building in Prague. Every facade seems to have a bit of elegance attached, each adding a little to Prague's already romantic landscape.

Sunset on the River.

A guard tower on the Charles bridge, housing likenesses of saints and kings.

A crow perches atop the peak of the weathered statue of an ancient leader.

Sunset washes over the stunning facade of St. Vitus Cathedral.

HLF exploring the castle grounds around St. Vitus.

A smaller chapel under renovation inside the castle walls.

The Charles Bridge and Prague Castle at dusk.

Prague at night, just as elegant as the day.

Though never seeming exceptionally crowded, especially for being the 14th largest city in the EU, Prague is nonetheless a bustling metropolis during the workday.

Despite the heat during the afternoon, Prague was a refereshing city to explore. Easy to navigate, plenty to see, and a very real sense of the history present on every street.


– T.S.

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