If you've ever listened to the comedian Brian Regan, then you've probably heard the piece about what vacations were like for him as a kid. He goes through a funny bit about growing up in a large family & having a station wagon with two of those tiny seats in the back that face the opposite direction from all the other seats. He says, “the two kids in the back had a totally different vacation than everyone else”. (You can look it up on YouTube) Anyway, my point being, a lot of times I feel like the kid in the rear facing seat during vacation, especially when it comes to photography and blogging. Here's why: In order to get those beautiful, intriguing, and sometimes breathtaking photos…I spend a lot of my vacation doing this:

Standing around while Tyler contorts himself into weird positions in order to “get the shot”. Usually, I just hope there's shade near by.

This is one way in which Tyler & I complement each other perfectly. I'm fast, impulsive, and fly by the seat of my pants (I got really hot & tired, and impulsively bought an overnight train ticket to Zurich…more on that later) and he's calculated, meticulous, and thorough. If it weren't for him, my vacations would never be so well documented; and although I sometimes become impatient, I remind myself that I'll be so glad to have more than just memories. (And if it weren't for me, he probably wouldn't have had anyone dragging him all over Europe…twice!) So we're pretty much PB & J, and I couldn't be more thankful.

-S.S. (Reminder: disregard typos & such, as these post are from iPhones & iPads)


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